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Spring and summer 2018 is almost sorted!

Dates have all been written in stone, we're just currently crossing the t's and dotting the i's with landowners for the event locations not yet released.

For the others just click on the links or the pictures below to find out more about the festivals and to buy your tickets.
See you all very soon :-)

Don't book anything else on these dates or you'll miss out, we had quite a few people regretting missing the events last year because of prior commitments.

North Yorkshire Stone Circle Festival

SOLD OUT!!! North Yorkshire: 13th - 15th April (Festival & Short Break). This 2 Day Wild Festival comes with optional days to book either side of the event for a longer stay, if you'd like to make a cut price camping holiday out of it you can.

Wild festivals pirates in the sun
Lincolnshire Lakes Farm Festival

Lincolnshire: 17th - 21st May (Festival & Short Break). Don't want to go home? Stay for an extra day either side of the festival for an extra long weekend, it's up to you.

Wild festivals 60's event in Lincoln
Really Wild East Sussex Festival

East Sussex: 1st - 3rd June (Festival &: Holiday). This gorgeous 50 acre site is perfect for our Wild Festivals needs and it's ideally located right next to a host of amazing attractions that this beautiful part of the country offers. To top it all off the pitches for an extended stay are only £8 a night, with free childrens camping, check it out and book up now before we sell out.

Wild festivals weird is wonderful themed festival advert
Essex Farm Festival

COMING SOON - Essex: 6th - 8th July - We're going to have an 80's theme here, so 80's fancy dress is optional. The location has been secured for this event, we are just in talks with the council with regard to licenses etc. As soon as it's all ok'd we will be launching the event and selling tickets.

Wild festivals 80's themed festival advert
Devon Farm Festival/Holiday

SOLD OUT!!! Devon: 20th - 27th August (Festival & Holiday). This corker offers an extra 5 days farm stay to make it a whole weeks holiday with the added greatness of a Wild Festival! Family farm adventure anyone?

Wild festival devon field in the sun
Wales Festival

Wales: 13th - 16th September (Festival and Campout.) - Event had to be moved because of water logged field, apologies for confusion. Ticket will be available very soon:

Packed Full Of Family Fun & Games

Not only do we have beautiful locations, but we'll have optional themed fancy dress, the usual live bands and entertainment at each Wild Festivals event. Typical Wild Festivals fun and games, live music Fridays and Saturdays from 1pm to 11pm at night. Then off around the fire pits to enjoy the famous Wild Festival fire pit jamming sessions.

Festival goers enjoying themselves with a wild times guaranteed caption

If you are a musician/entertainer or know any musicians/entertainers that would like to get involved/show case their skills, please do contact us via the form below, send a link showcasing what you do, stating which event/events you are interested in performing at and we'll get back to you. Thank you in advance :-)

We will be updating all the events pages very soon and then arranging line ups. Click the events below that you are interested in for full details, if they are not click-able then we are still working on them. Please be patient, there's a lot of work to be done.

Festival Bookings

This year to save having any problems, payment buttons will be created for each event soon and all deposits taken will go towards facilities and non musical entertainment.

This way you pay a deposit to secure your ticket and pay the remainder on the day. It's a lot easier for us to work out numbers and we can make certain we can limit the amount of people at each event.

Why Limit Numbers?

It's limited because it's not about money for us.

We've all seen it before, you go to a small festival in the early years when they first start out and think wow this is great. Then a few years down the line, thousands turn up, prices go up and it's no longer about the people, no longer special.

It ruins things, you lose the feeling of community and safety that you feel when you're at a Wild Festivals event. We want to keep what we have, keep it special and continue to enjoy it as it is, for many years to come.

For more details on upcoming events, please feel free to contact us using the form below.