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Wild Festivals Community

We are the fun loving and friendly Wild Festivals community, we host non profit, non commercial, low cost festivals all over the UK during the spring and summer. Getting together to enjoy nature, camping, fires, laughter, talented entertainers and live musicians.

Festival goers enjoying themselves with a wild times guaranteed caption

Words don't do it justice, we tried so please do read on, then join in, see for yourself and have a really wild time!

We Love Live Music

We have lots of talented young up and coming bands as well experienced bands come and play for us. Playing a mixture of popular covers and some of their own original music, they really make the festivals.

A fantastic band enjoying playing at wild festivals

Nightime Bonfire Jamming

This is the magical bit and for most people, one of the best parts of a Wild Festivals event. When the main stage closes and the bonfires are lit, the musicians gather round to jam together while we all sit alongside singing along, chatting, laughing and having a great time.

Musicians enjoying playing around a bonfire at wild festivals

Prepare for goosebumps and the feeling that you've experienced something special, this just doesn't seem to happen anywhere else, it's a really unique part of our Wild Festivals culture and absolutely beautiful!

Explore The Country & Make Friends

We explore the country, get the chance to meet some lovely like minded people and potentially make some life long friends. Our events are more like low cost 3 to 7 day mini-breaks with a festival thrown in.

Fun Activities

Festival locations are chosen for the variety of activities on offer and at most we can enjoy fishing, swimming, kayaking, boating, biking and scenic walks, or just sit around your fire pit/BBQ, drink beer and enjoy your camping, what ever takes your fancy.

A mother and daughter boating in the lake

Oh least we forget the egg catching and beer pong championships that have become a custom, great fun even if it is tad messy.

Affordable Fun

The only people that earn money from these events are the landowners who have been kind enough to let us use their land, we want to keep this affordable for everyone. There may be a little on top to cover insurances, licensing and minimal running costs, but we're talking a whole weekend of entertainment and fun for between £20 and £25 in total for an adult ticket!

A crowd of people around the festival stage at night

All Are Welcome

Our mixture of people and music are another thing that makes us different, we have all ages and all types of people come along to enjoy themselves. It doesn't matter if you're 18 and tenting it, or 60 plus in a brand new motorhome. As long as you're friendly, respectful to others and the land you're on, you'll fit right in.

A couple of regular members enjoying a wild festival

We Welcome Children

We're very family/child friendly here at wild festivals, there is no "They're too young". We've had people come along with toddlers and they've loved camping and dancing to the live music. It's a safe environment for the kids to play in, get involved with the other children and enjoy the festivities their own way.

A little boy enjoying wild festivals

Dog Friendly Festivals

We welcome your dogs as well, as long as they are friendly, kept on leads, under control at all times and cleared up after we have no issues with you bringing your companion along. There are no extra costs for it either, we just ask for you to be responsible owners.

A family and their pets enjoying wild festivals

    We Love Fire

    Everyone gathered around fire pits at a wild festival

    We try to put on a real show at our festivals, it's not just about the live music and bonfires it's the entertainers as well. Here is a picture of one of our super talented cigar box jugglers performing a fire eating stunt. Don't try this at home kids!

    A man eating fire at wild festivals

    We Really Do Love Fire!

    Then there's the multi talented member of the Luak Fire Tribe, Kerry who performed some amazing fire tricks, hoop balancing and some funky floating globe magic at the 2017 secret vineyard wild festival in Essex. Watch her in action below, dazzling skills!!

    Play Along With The Samba Band Anyone

    We also had the pleasure of being entertained and taught how to play in a Samba band by the very lovely Melanie and her Bee Happy Makes Crew. Children and adults got the chance to learn how to drum and play in a real samba band, then at the end of the weekend go round on a samba march. Amazing times were had by all involved.

    Samba drumming lessons at wild festivals.

    Themed Fancy Dress If You Fancy It

    Although it's not essential, the kids and the big kids love the fancy dress themes that Wild Festivals have with most of our events. It adds a really fun vibe to the festival, giving everyone a chance to get involved and be creative with their costumes.

    A wild west fancy dress theme at a wild festival event

    A Real Outdoor Experience For The Children

    The children leave their computers and phones in the car when with us, for a whole weekend they experience the type of childhood that technology has stolen from them. Believe it or not they leave their phones and gadgets without prompting, they love it!

    A child enjoying a wild festival in a wooden cart

    Children instantly climbing trees, swimming in streams, playing "it", hide and seek, just generally experiencing the kind of childhood we all enjoyed. It's something that doesn't require a mortgage, there's no drugs and no idiots to worry about, just the safety of other families and their new friends.

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2018 Festival
Event Details

We are going to be traveling all over the UK in 2018, we've got events in Devon, North Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Essex, Kent and Wales to enjoy and explore.

We're being hosted by some lovely land owners at some really beautiful venues, including a 140 acre wild nature reserve and some stunning farms, it's a very exciting year for us. Don't miss out on a really wild 2018!

To find out about the exciting Wild Festival events and the locations we have lined up for 2018 click here, or join the Wild Festivals Facebook group

Hope to see you soon :-)

The Entertainers
Love Performing

If you're a musician, entertainer or DJ and you love performing, then you'd love to come to one of the next Wild Festivals event. We look after all of our entertainers.

Josh Tunnicliffe‎ of 'Project Redshift' loved it, he said "Wild Festival that was absolutely insane! An official post will be up on the band page tomorrow but oh my god that was the best gig we've ever done".

Whats more in return for an hour slot, we'll help spread the word with a lifetime advert on the website & free entry for you & your family for the whole weekend.

Get involved, click the button now!

Wild Festival Pictures

We've captured some special moments and uploaded them to Facebook, we've combined those with some great professional shots to create an album for you.

Wild Festival Videos

We've also got a host of videos taken at past Wild Festival events, so you can experience some of the best bits from the comfort of your very own laptop or ipad.

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You can now follow us on Twitter and cut through the daily group gossip, go straight to the festival updates and notifications. We actually love the gossip and banter in the facebook group, but for you busy people out there, Twitter's the place for you to find out the all important stuff.

Wild Gatherings
Facebook Group

For those of you that can't wait until the spring or summer, sign up to our sister facebook group Wild Gatherings. We have meets all year round, including a festive gathering. So you can now meet up with your new found friends, enjoy cut price camping and arrange your own meets if you like.