About Us

Oh noooo, we're not just another.
festival, read on to see why...

So Who Are We?

We're a group of likeminded people, families and now friends, that were tired of the over priced and over commercialised outdoor nightclubs that todays festivals have become.

We just wanted to have fun and experience what festivals were really started for, it certainly wasn't just about money and with us it's not! It's a special thing we have here.

Wild Festival attendees at Lincolnshire WF1

Our Story

Well we formed in 2016, all because of magical stories passed from a father to a son of strangers gathering together in the early festivals of the 60's and the 70's. Now grown up and having been to plenty of modern day music festivals, they just didn't feel special like the musical gatherings his father had described and he yearned to experience it.

Had he been born in the wrong era? Or had festivals over evolved in pursuit of money, forgotten the important ingredients that made them great?

A 1960's music festival

Wild Festivals Was Born

Early September 2016 it was decided that we should set up a simple facebook group, calling it Wild Festivals and thought we'd see if I could find a group of about 20 possibly 30 people to venture into a field or forest with a guitar and a few beers to have fun camping in the wild.

We never expected much, we just wanted to get likeminded souls together, to enjoy music and nature without the commercial rubbish, perhaps meet a few new people and make new friends along the way.

Wow!!! What a response we got!

WF1 - The Legend Of Our First Festival

Now we hadn't planned on holding a meet until the new year, just because we wanted to time to organise our first ever get together and ideally the warmth of the spring/summer sun.

It had gone quite mad though and we had nearly 600 members within a few days of starting out. Before long people were chatting making friends within the group and chomping at the bit to get an event on and meet. We had to do something soon!

The Wild Festival In Lincolnshire WF1

Then a lovely lady that owns a beautiful farm and barn hire holiday company in Lincolnshire joined up, offering us a chance to have a festival on their stunning farm. The only stipulation was it had to be on the 30th September, because after that it would probably be water logged!

So that was that, after a few weeks of hard work organising, some lovely musicians coming forward and a top quality sound engineer/DJ (All offering their services for free), the legend of WF1 was born!

Within 3 weeks of starting the group we had just shy of 300 people attending, a truly spine tingling time was had by everyone and friends for life were made. We've since held 3 further festival events, countless wild gatherings, have over 6600 lovely members and the son finally found what he'd been looking for.

    Our Biggest Year Yet

    The community is continually growing and we're preparing for our biggest year yet, in 2018 we have 6 locations already arranged, we're working really hard to make them bigger and better than before. Click on our events page or sign up to the group for more details, see what you think, then come along and see what you've been missing so far.

    We hope to meet you at an event very soon.

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